Cookie Terms


Whenever you visit a website, it is possible for it to store or retrieve information in your browser, primarily in the form of cookies. This information usually relates to you, your preferences, or your device and is used to make the website function as expected. While this information does not typically directly identify you, it can enhance your personalized experience.

Respecting your right to privacy, you have the option to refuse certain types of non-essential cookies. However, blocking cookies may impact your website experience and limit the services available.

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Cookies are digital files containing small fragments of data, usually with a unique identifier, that are stored on your device through the browser or application. They store information related to your preferences. The word Cookies is used in this Policy to refer to all files that collect information in the form of small text files when you visit this website. The files are stored on the user’s computer or mobile device through the internet browser and enable the website to recognize your device upon a subsequent visit.

Cookies are used to enhance your experience in terms of performance and usability, as they allow for more personalized content that better aligns with your needs and expectations. By using cookies, our website can remember information about your visit, such as your language, location, session duration, and other relevant variables. We utilize Google Analytics, and if you would like more information on how your data is used by this platform, you can click here.

It’s important to note that cookies may also be employed to gather anonymous and aggregated statistics, which help us understand how users engage with and utilize the website, ultimately aiding in its improvement in terms of structure and content.


When you browse our website, we use the following types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies: These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and cannot be disabled. They are typically set in response to your actions, such as requesting services, adjusting privacy preferences, or completing forms. Please note that essential cookies do not store personally identifiable information.
  • Performance cookies: These cookies allow us to track your visits and traffic sources to measure and make adjustments to the performance of our website. They also assist us in identifying which pages are more or less relevant to you. It’s important to note that the information collected by these cookies is anonymous.
  • Functionality cookies: Functionality cookies allow us to store your preferences, eliminating the need to enter your information multiple times in a form and saving you time while browsing.
  • Advertising and third-party cookies: Advertising or targeting cookies may be set by our advertising partners through our website. These cookies create a profile of your interests and display relevant ads on other websites. It is important to note that no personal information is stored directly; these cookies rely on the unique identification of your browser and internet device. If you choose not to allow these cookies, you may not receive targeted and relevant advertising.

Please note that the mentioned cookies can be categorized as follows:

  • Persistent Cookies: These cookies are stored in your browser on your access devices (such as PC, mobile, and tablet) and are used whenever you revisit the website. They are commonly used to personalize the browsing experience based on your interests.
  • Session cookies: These cookies are temporary and are stored in your browser’s cookies only while you are actively browsing the website. They help identify any issues and enhance your browsing experience.


As mentioned earlier, we use cookies of different categories. Each category of cookies is associated with a corresponding legal basis, which refers to the legal provision that permits us to process your personal data for specific purposes.

For essential cookies, the data processing is authorized under Article 7, Clause IX of Law No. 13,709/2018, known as the General Data Protection Law (“LGPD”), based on the legitimate interest of the data controller.

On the other hand, when using performance, functionality, advertising, and third-party cookies, the data processing is authorized under Article 7, Clause I of Law No. 13,709/2018, the General Data Protection Law (“LGPD”), which requires obtaining consent from the data subject.


We understand the importance of user control over their data, even after giving consent for the use of cookies. Therefore, users have the option to disable some or all of our cookies.

All web browsers allow users to accept, reject, or delete cookies by adjusting the appropriate settings in their browser’s options or preferences menu.

However, it’s important to note that disabling cookies may impact the proper functioning of certain web services, potentially affecting your browsing experience on our website.

We want to highlight that if you disable cookies, certain parts of our website may not function properly.